Creature Feature Poll

Happy Halloween! I thought a poll would be a fun way to wrap up our Creature Feature this month.

nix (niks)

Nixes are water spirits who lure people to their watery graves. (Painting by Arthur Rackham, image from

Our first monster is a malevolent creature from Germanic folklore. Nixes are water spirits that live in rivers and lakes and lure people into the water to their deaths.

Nixes can take on many forms; males can shapeshift into humans, snakes, or fish, while females are commonly portrayed as beautiful women with the tail of a fish. A famous nix was the beautiful Lorelei, who perched atop a rock on the Rhine River and lured fishermen to their doom with the sound of her voice.

Beware the next time you go swimming in a lake, or else you might end up becoming a victim of a nix.