Creature Feature Poll

Happy Halloween! I thought a poll would be a fun way to wrap up our Creature Feature this month.

guytrash/gytrash (gī‧trash)

The guytrash is a malevolent creature with eyes like burning coals that haunts solitary roads. (image from

A guytrash is a demonic spirit of Northern England that haunts lonely paths, waiting to lead people astray. Guytrashes can appear in the shape of a large black dog, horse, or mule with glowing eyes like burning coals. In some legends, the guytrash was said to be friendly, helping people find their way. In some parts of England, the guytrash is known as the ‘Shagfoal,’ and takes the form of a ghostly mule. In this form, the spirit is purely evil.

This concludes my month-long exploration of malevolent creatures. I hope you all enjoyed this series of posts!