Hello everyone!
This is a short post to let you know that Merriam-Webster has a great Word of the Day today. Duende is the power to attract through personal magnetism and charm. Coco Cuddles, my Tibetan Spaniel puppy, has so much duende that people in cars stop in the middle of the street to admire her!

A lot of linguists believe that Proto-Indo-European was the ursprache* of Indo-European languages, but we actually don’t know what Proto-Indo-European sounded like. In the link below, a linguist at the University of Kentucky, Dr. Andrew Byrd, gives his best approximation of what our ancestors may have spoken thousands of years ago. When I listened to it, I was amazed that someone could recreate the language! Let me know what you think!


*I wrote about the word ursprache here: https://thewordexplorer.wordpress.com/?s=Ursprache