wyvern (wīvərn)

Wyverns are evil mythical creatures that closely resemble dragons.

A wyvern is a winged, mythological creature with two legs, a crocodilian head, and a barbed scorpion-like tail that is highly poisonous.

Although wyverns resemble dragons, there are some notable differences. The main differences are that wyverns are smaller and have two legs, while dragons are larger and are usually depicted with four legs. Most wyverns breathe poison, while dragons almost always breathe fire. While dragons can be either good or evil, wyverns are always wicked. Wyverns are also thought to be less intelligent than dragons.

The word “wyvern” was first seen in the 17th century and it comes from the Middle English word wyver, which in turn comes from the French word wivre. Wyvern ultimately originates from the Latin word vipera, meaning viper.

Come back next week to explore another malicious monster during my month-long Creature Feature!

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