LEGO (lā-gō)

Many months ago, my family and I visited the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, Illinois. While we were there, we spent a majority of the time at the Brick by Brick exhibit. This exhibit featured gargantuan LEGO-built structures of famous landmarks from all around the world.

These buildings were awe-inspiring in their extreme attention to detail; each structure was made with thousands of LEGO bricks. My favorite structures were the Golden Gate Bridge, the Pyramids of Egypt, and the Colosseum in Rome.

LEGO is an abbreviation that comes from the Danish words leg and godt, which mean “play well.”  In Latin, “lego” means “I choose.” This seems to be the perfect name for a company that allows children of all ages to play with their product in any way they choose- limited only by their imaginations.


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