Carpe Diem!

The 141st Kentucky Derby will occur on May 2, 2015. (Photo from

Here in Louisville (and probably all around the world), many of us are super excited to watch the Kentucky Derby later today!

My favorite amongst the field of horses is Carpe Diem, mostly because his name has an awesome meaning. Carpe diem is a Latin expression that means “seize the day.” The jockey who rides Carpe Diem also rode Animal Kingdom to victory in 2011. John Velazquez has ridden in thirteen previous Kentucky Derby races, so he is extremely experienced.

I hope that this beautiful and velocious horse seizes the day and rides to victory!

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  1. A famous and undefeated racehorse from a few years ago had a Greek name: Kantharos. This is a two-handled cup.

    I love the weird and complicated names racehorses have. No such thing as a simple “Spot” or “Duke” in the racing world.

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