Word Explorer Workshops

I conduct etymology workshops through the Bluegrass Literacy Project, a community organization that I founded in January 2018 to help improve English literacy among the youth of Kentucky.

Research shows that etymology, the study of word origins, is the most effective method to learn and remember vocabulary which is a key component of reading comprehension.  By learning word roots, people can often recall the definitions of words more quickly than rote memorization. The study of Latin and Greek roots is especially valuable because more than 60% of the English language comes from Latin and Ancient Greek.

My workshops are based on this blog and are designed to be educational and entertaining! Currently workshops are held in Louisville, KY.

Current Workshop:

During this one-hour workshop we will be exploring the expansive world of Harry Potter – discovering charactonyms, spells, and fantastic beasts. You will learn to recognize Latin and Greek roots hidden within J.K. Rowling’s writing and be able to identify these roots in other words found in the English language. You will essentially become a word wizard!

This workshop is ideal for students up to eighth grade who have completed the Harry Potter series. Sign up here!