I have recently been named a Davidson Young Scholar Ambassador and for the next eighteen months, I will be working to develop and implement a series of etymology workshops aimed at improving and advancing English language literacy among the youth of Kentucky.

Research shows that etymology, the study of word origins, is the most effective method to learn and remember vocabulary which is a key component of reading comprehension.  By learning word roots, people can often recall the definitions of words more quickly than rote memorization. The study of Latin and Greek roots is especially valuable because more than 60% of the English language comes from Latin and Ancient Greek. Through my project, I hope to show kids a new way to approach the English language and improve their reading skills.

I am currently in the process of developing my workshop curriculum and I hope to implement some introductory workshops during the summer of 2018. If you are a teacher or a student in Jefferson County and are interested in participating in my “Word Explorers Workshops” or want more information, please leave a comment below (I will not divulge personal information).