Thank you to everyone who participated in my Name That Animal challenge!  Canopteran, Canornis, and Cynocephalornis were the names that were submitted to me. If you haven’t participated, please take a moment to create and submit a name for this interesting “dog bird” here: Name That Animal Challenge #1

Name That Animal: Challenge #1

What would you name this "dog bird?"

This semester, I am taking a fabulous etymology class called The Witty Wordsmith. Recently, the instructor challenged the class to name weird animals that people had created using Photoshop. We had to use our knowledge of Greek and Latin roots to name the animals. I had a lot of fun doing this assignment so I have created my own challenge and I hope you all enjoy it.

Pretend that you are a scientist and you have just discovered this new species of bird and you have the privilege of naming your species. Scientists usually name new species by using Greek or/and Latin roots because the prefixes, stems, and suffixes are just like building blocks that you can utilize in countless ways.

Your challenge is to name the unique animal in the picture above using your knowledge of Greek and Latin roots. Keep in mind that you can use characteristics like size, color, or shape to name the animal. Feel free to search my blog to find root words to help you or use the list below.

cyno                            dog
cephal                        head
soma, somat           body
pter                             wing, feather
ornith, ornis            bird

avi                              bird
can                            dog

Submit your names by leaving me a comment!